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Chaos Theory

Bit ran through the figures, meticulously listing each cost to its corresponding entry. As he called them out he’d punctuate each entry with a subtotal.

Entry, amount, subtotal. Entry, amount, subtotal.


He blinked unsure if he was going too fast. Bit did that from time to time. Rambling, was the usual accusation.

“Oh, should I start over?” asked Bit.

He ducked as a glass, still half-full flew past his head, most of its contents sloshing out over his jacket. Somewhere behind him he heard the glass shatter.

“No. Fuck, no. Just give me the final amount before I throw you off the balcony.”

Bit cleared his throat scanning down to the bottom of the datapad. He read the final amount.

There was a long silence.


Aria looked angry. But then she always looked angry. Or was that bored. He had trouble telling sometimes. Opting to console her felt like a good idea to Bit.

“The good news is, the majority of the damage to the station was superficial. No major systems were impacted and repairs should be swift.”

He gave a toothy grin. “And the death toll was restricted to Blue Suns and the Broker’s agent.”

Aria sat back in her couch. She signaled for another drink.

“They’re dangerous,” she said.

Bit wasn’t sure if she was talking to him or merely thinking out aloud. To avoid seeming rude he answered.

“True, but, resourceful. To breach the airlock safety protocols and to time the landing of their ship before the failsafe systems came up was, well, remarkable.” Bit pressed on. “And they eliminated their enemies with minimal loss to themselves.”

Aria turned and stared at Bit with annoyance. She mouthed each syllable deliberately drawing out the word.


She snatched the fresh drink off the serving tray that was lowered to her, killing the contents in a single motion. “They’ve pissed a lot of powerful people off and now, after that stunt, the galaxy knows they’re here.”

A thought dawned on Bit as he stood there fidgeting with his datapad. He stepped forward, picking his words carefully.

“You know, danger is commodity of itself. Tradable. You just need to find the right buyer.”

Aria stared at Bit for a moment. Then, slowly, she began to smile.


We should offer stock options to investors!

Chaos Theory


Chaos Theory
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