Nothing less than the best damn pilot in the galaxy


High Concept Ace Pilot
Trouble Runaway Rich Kid
Primary Aspect I’m in the danger zone!
Secondary Aspect Ryden to the rescue

Powers and Stunts

Lucky Once per session, reroll without spending a Fate Point
Thread the Needle Spend 1 FP to maneuver ship into or through an impossible space
Eat Wake +2 Pilot when attempting to lose a tail
Gunslinger Drawing a pistol is a free action
Double Shooter +1 damage to primary pistol while duel-wielding
I Know a Guy +2 Contacts at a local which is familiar to you
Akimbo! Gain autofire while duel-wielding pistols
I let my guns do the talking Spend 1 FP to adds guns to intimidate roll


Pilot extraordinaire Ryden (surname unknown) considers himself quite the dashing rogue, but his desperately rugged facade conceals a (complete lack of a) dark past. Indeed, few have known more comfortable an upbringing. Born into one of the richest and most well connected families on Earth, the man who calls himself Ryden grew up in the lap of luxury.

So why would someone who had it all, leave it all behind and choose the life of a smuggler and gun for hire? Ryden’s reasons are his own (because who else’s would they be?)

Ryden to the Rescue

Ryden’s reaction to pretty much everything his party members do

Threading the Needle. It’s all in the wrist

Ryden’s theme music

Ryden’s theme song


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